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The Ace Doctor Who Podcast

Feb 10, 2020

A 3-in-1 special as Paul and James discuss Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror, Fugitive of the Judoon, and Praxeus. They have to hurry through, as a Frenchman is due to arrive at Paul's door at any moment.

Jan 17, 2020

The boys discuss Orphan 55, cheap package holidays, the value of allegory, and the difficulty of exploring the inner worlds of guest characters when you also have to give three different companions something to do. 

Jan 10, 2020

We're back! Paul and James chat Spyfall 1 & 2, Britbox, the value of pastiche, and how Chibnall must have been saving up all his money in a big Scrooge McDuck style vault because the whole thing looked rather slick.

Jan 8, 2019

Happy New Year! Paul and James chat Resolution [of the Daleks], UNIT vs. Brexit, disagree slightly on the Ryan 'n' Aaron cafe scene, and ponder whether this was the best seasonal Doctor Who special yet

Dec 24, 2018

Tim Shaw (sic) returns, the Ux spend thousands of years worshipping a false God, and Graham has a Kelly / Nelly style Dilemma. Plus, Paul gets a special card and James writes a song about the thirteenth doctor's first season